Okay, are we on?

I went back to Brighton and made a film.

I went over all the places I was that first morning, just looking, just being there, just trying to put things together.

Travis and I took the footage away and cut it together on his laptop, I dropped in some music… made a little piece of entertainment for you… somewhere for you to begin.

Hey enjoy.

Be glad it’s my life in tatters and not yours!

We’re moving and moving and moving…

.. and I can feel myself coming together… I’m reforming… drawing together… becoming whole again… if not the person I was before.

Moving and moving and moving…I'm moving and I'm moving and I'm moving

This is how I’ve chosen to respond to the surveilance of my life.

I’ve turned it back on them… turned it into entertainment… packaged it… made it acceptable.

Now what are they going to do? How can they attack when I’m out in the open?

So go on – please – download the episodes – listen and get in touch. They can’t harm me if you’re with me.

BTW: this is all in BETA at the moment… not that you’d notice probably… but I thought you should know. Have you ever tried to build a web-site from a passenger seat? Exactly…

My life has become unhinged…

My name is Cornelius – I suppose I am the Flickerman

I call myself that because… because my life has become unhinged. It’s out of joint. No more than that. My life isn’t my own anymore. It’s exploded.

As I write this I am cold, tired, dirty, scared and confused. My girlfriend is missing, my bestfriend is dead, my ankle is bust,  my world has come apart exploded.

And someone has been recording it all, everything that has happened, taking photos and posting them on the Internet.

This site is my chance to answer back , to let people know what is happening to me, to help make sense of what has happened to me.  I’ve taken the events of those few days and I’m turning them back on themselves… making them into an… entertainment for you… so that I can be heard…

My reply starts here…