A moment of clarity…

Yeah I know I’m running behind but things have changed… and I’ve been sick… right the way through Christmas and new year… curled in the back of a car hacking my lungs out as Travis drives.  That’s why I want to change… everything.

Now… now I’m sat in another service station.

Over-lit, coffee over-priced, communication between Travis and I over.

Could be anywhere, but wherever we are no one belongs here. No one wants to be here.

And it makes me realise this isn’t working.

This is limbo – I have to change tack.  Alter my approach.  Take the situation into my control.  I mean I have all the parts, Barney’s package, the photos… Travis.  They’re in my lap, and I’ve just be arranging them into pretty shapes so far, now’s the time to do something with them.

I wanted to make a story of it all, can you believe that?  That’s how I thought it would be best presented, how I’d best get people on my side.

We’re so used to story, the stories we tell ourselves, the stories we tell each other, the stories we let others tell us.  I thought that was what people wanted, another story.

I even added music to it all.

I think I must have been in shock.

Well I’m healed now, and I’m stronger, and I’m going to take control back.

So this is where it starts… again.

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