“Get to your mark”

Okay it’s taken a while because our circumstances have changed.

We’re off the road and staying put for a while, it’s good to be out of the car.

Someone contacted me the other week and simply asked “Why don’t I go to the police”… and I realized how little I trust anything or anyone now.  I’m flying blind, without a compass… Travis remains constant but everyone else… Josh, Barney, Lucinda… Josephine.  I can’t be sure if they are part of this or not.  I don’t know if I can trust anyone… are they part of it?

“Get to my mark” – what did Zorro man mean by that?

  1. Absolutely. All other episodes are rouhgly 45 minutes in length. I toyed with splitting episode 1 in two parts, but in the end decided to leave it. I’m hoping the length of episode 1 doesn’t dissuade people from listening to future episodes. Thank you so much for your feedback!

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