It’s happening again…

…. I wish I hadn’t done it… everything was settling down… its not that I was forgetting about what had happened to me but I’d kind of locked myself away and I felt safe.  Really save.  I mean not comfortable, or like I was living a life or something again, and I have been beaten up fairly regularly but I was feeling okay about myself.  You know, and Lucinda’s gone and my old life has gone but I could stay here and there was me and Travis and… well me and Travis mostly.

And things were fine.

And no one was looking at this web-site and I was beginning to feel safe

But I send those recordings to Lance and even though I told him to stop I told him not to… he cut them together and made them into a show and then he gives them to Ed and I’m asking him not to I’m saying to him “this is my life you’re playing with here Lance this isn’t some kind of game” and he tells me he spent a lot of time on them and they’re going to be played on Resonance and its his story as well as mine.  And I realise there’s nothing I can do.

And the programmes went out.

And I guess some people listened and a few people contacted me but no one had much to say.

And then I get sent this.

And I think cheers Lance – just great.

Its happening again.


  1. talx

    Hey Cornelius?

    This guy look familiar to you?

    Where is Barney?

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