It always comes back to Barney…

and his lies and his self congratulation and his bullshit and everything I found that he hid under that ant, everything that was in the cylinder… everything that doesn’t make sense… I recorded a conversation a couple of months back, we were driving… I’m trying to be light about what happened, trying to pick up on what Travis is giving me… trying not to care about my life..

Cornelius: The thing is, no one has ever hated me enough, not consistently, that I could actually call them an enemy.

Travis: Just occasional hatred?

Cornelius: Casual hatred.

Travis: Day to day.

Cornelius: I’ve annoyed people I’m sure.

Travis: But not enough to deserve a terd through your letterbox…

Cornelius: Not enough to do this to me.

Travis: Then it might not be about you.

Cornelius: Hey, don’t say that – I mean who else would it be about.

Travis: Lucinda-

Cornelius: Who’d hate her?

Travis: A restaurant of Japanese-

Cornelius: Chinese

Travis: A restaurant of Chinese people…

Cornelius: I’m not sure it was her they hated.

Travis: Well it could have been something to do with Josh, and the drugs… they could have been Yakuzi.

They’re Japanese.

Travis: Well it could have been a gang.

Cornelius: Yeah, but they’re not exactly normal are they… not normal… what kind of gang blows up churches, employs Easter European hitmen and then post pictures about it on the Internet.

Travis: A very progressive gang.

Cornelius: Could have been to do with Josh.

Who’d want Josh dead?

They’ve got him dead now… they’ve got what they want.

Travis: Barney then.

Yeah who’d hate Barney enough to want him dead.


Travis and Cornelius:
Who wouldn’t hate Barney enough to want him dead.

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