So we drove on…

Talking about Barney, wondering who he really was…

And then the winter set in hard and in February it snowed and the country withdrew into itself and we… we stopped.

Travis decided we should head south.

To Eddie’s – to Travis’ old friend Eddie’s – Eddie in the picture… the picture that Talx linked to from the site… Eddie with the smile and the baldhead who is sticking his tongue out… It’s a friendly picture, you know a friend must have taken it.  An old friend.  He’s working and someone has come out and taken a picture of him, he’s building a wall, the wall outside his shack by the sea.  The one that Travis and I visited.  He’s working and then surprise!

A friend pesters him by taking a picture and he has poked his tongue out… in a kind of “I’m working here kind of way”.

So if it was a friend… then they put it up on the net… and then some called Talx found it and pointed me to it.

Unless Talx is a friend of Eddie’s… which might be the case… but then Eddie just wouldn’t know that would he… let me tell you how it happened…


The name still means nothing to me.


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