Knocking on Eddie’s Door

FX:  car door opening – feet on gravel.

TRAVIS:  That’s his van.

CORNELIUS: What’s he do?

TRAVIS:  Builder… he used to be a builder…

CORNELIUS:  He stopped?

TRAVIS:  Hmmmmm – he kind of has completion issues.

CORNELIUS:  Big deal.  Doesn’t every builder?

TRAVIS:  This was different… Look around you – what do you see?

CORNELIUS:  Shingle… snow… a white van… lighthouse… nuclear power station…

TRAVIS:  No… look all the way around .

There on the open plain of shingle stretching out before us… plateauing into the still sea.  Dotted this about once every hundred yards… were sheds… run down, derelict sheds.


TRAVIS:  Exactly, he built them all…

CORNELIUS:  There must be…

TRAVIS:  Dozens of them I know.

(Look do something for me will you, go on to Flickr – and enter a search for Dungeness Sheds and you’ll see what I mean.  Do it, these aren’t pictures that have been sent to me, they are just pictures that people have put up… last time I looked there were 496 of them.  Such a variety of them, some clapboard, some corrugated iron, flat roof, lean-to, apex… painted, rusted, weathered and all…)

CORNELIUS:  They’re ruined.

TRAVIS:  Not ruined, he never finishes them.


TRAVIS:  Memory problems.

CORNELIUS:  He forgets how to finish them.

TRAVIS:  He forgets which one he is finishing.


This is it.

CORNELIUS (v/o):  We knock on the door.

FX:  Door knock.door jpeg

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