Travis woke me

close to the knuckle

His breath in my face.  His concerned eyes. For the third time he saved me.

“It’s alright.  I’ve sent him away, I explained who you are and he’s gone to make tea.”

“He hit me”

“I know but only the once”

“But I didn’t do anything.”

“He didn’t know who you were.”

Before I can frame my reply the floorboards creak, a head appears round the door.  Eddie’s head.

“Travis?  Travis?  What are you doing here Travis?”

“Just stopping over Eddie, just stopping over for a place to stay.”

“Oh right and who’s the boy with the bleeding brow?”

“Cornelius.  My new friend.”

“Oh no… oh no I didn’t punch you did I Cornelius?  Oh no… it was me that did that.”

He looks guilty, standing there.  Like a kid.  Looking at the grazed knuckles on his fist, sticking one between his teeth and looking guilty.  Travis breaks the silence.

“Ah don’t worry yourself Eddie, don’t worry yourself.”  he slips an arm round Eddie’s shoulder and leads him out of the room.  “Its just that thing you do, we’re used to it.”

And he looks back at me, and there’s a look in his eye and I know I have to follow them…


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