“Chopping Wood in a Blue and Brown Sweater”

The next morning the cold wakes me and grab my coat around me.  The snow has thawed but its still bitter and I run for Eddie’s shack.  Taking the risk.  Needing the warmth.

As I run I pass the woodpile – and I see her.

A doll.

A little blonde haired doll… with overlarge eyes and a blue patterned jumper and jeans standing in front of the woodpile.  Standing on a scattering of autumnal ferns that someone has laid in front of the cut wood.  She’s standing there – on the brink of moving – watching me.  What 6″, no maybe 8″ high and I stop.

Andy’s doll

Its the same thing… the same fucking thing.

I look around.

No one.

Its cold and I don’t want to be there and I certainly don’t want this to be happening, but then I know what I have to do…. What I did before.  I crouch down and lift her up and look into those overlarge blue eyes and I’m just a little bit afraid all over again.

So I pull her head off and out pops a coil of paper that unfurls to reveal a URL written in fine, sharp pencil…  I stick it into that little pocket in my jeans, that one on the hip and a throw both parts of the doll down and I go inside.

I was going to tell Travis about this, about it all happening again, about how this wasn’t possible because surely no-one could know where we were… I was going to tell Travis but then it all got forgetton.

Because Eddie headbutted me when I opened the door.

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