Split between two times…

… I’m caught now – between telling you what happened before – in the weeks over the late summer and what is happening now…

Forgive me.

… things feel as if they are moving quickly… so for the while I’ll stay in the present.

The ABC site has launched.

… the Pool… the attempt to track down Lucinda… to find out whether she really is in Australia.  This feels important it’s my first attempt to break out of my inherent inertia – the sense that it is better to do nothing than anything.  I’m less angry now – more focused.

So the site launches and about 20 brave souls have loaded pictures to it… and the information is scattered… the sense that she is in trouble is strong, she’s been seen crying… kissing… being hustled into cars… pushed under water… listening to outsider art… that doesn’t worry me so much…

And then this tonight… as it says its the diagram of nuclear sylos that we found in Barney’s cylinder.  Travis pinned it above the bed – the only bed – so that we could contemplate it in our sleep…

Barney’s cylinder.


Back to that.  Back to the question of who Barney is.  Back to the question of why Lucinda thinks he’s dangerous. Back to the question of who Travis is. Back to the question… and so on…

No answers.


I wish I knew who was breaking into the caravan… if you’re reading this… whoever you are.

Bring some milk tomorrow will ya.


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