Meeting Talx tomorrow…

or Talks or whatever he wants to be known as wants to meet me at 3pm Friday – he’s given me a location using the Pool site over at ABC.

This site (Pool) was supposed to be used to track down Lucinda but at this juncture it seems to be filled with a mixture of personal abuse, holiday snaps and perhaps a few shards of what could be useful information… there’s just too much noise already to judge… they used to confuse radar by filling the air with streams of shiny paper and this feels the same way – lots of shine but I can’t see what really matters because of the glimmer.

In the middle of it all though are two posts from Talx or Talks as he now calls himself.

This ONE – is of a blown-out nucelar cooling tower – which links to the blue prints I found in Barney’s cylinder – which have already been posted onto the ABC site by someone going by the name of ozwaz (what is it with these shit monickers)…

And this ONE – a lighthouse in dungeness and a Google map LINK just in case I didn’t get the point.


Talx –  vandalises my caravan (a bit), posts the odd photo, leaves a doll outside the house, even record a film on my doorstep…  I think this is supposed to be intimidating me – but other than when I lost it last month and stayed up all night clutching a shard of rusty metal and growling at the door – it hasn’t worked… it feels disjointed, like someone is trying to get my attention – like… well just the work of one nutter.  What happened last October was so vicious – so filled with co-ordinated and knowing malice that a little bit of stalking and the odd spooky photo just aren’t really doing it.

With this meeting though… well now Travis and I have kicked into action – I’m kitting out for the next day – I’ve got a camera (EOS 450D plus 25-200mm Lens), recording kit (Edirol R-09 plus omni-pair clipped to my jacket), handheld digital videocamera (Kodak thing), a Leatherman, gaffer tape, a torch, water, gum, spare batteries and a notebook.

Travis has had a shave and bought himself a new suit – pinstripe – second hand and not bad knick (other than I spotted a distasteful yellow stain at the front… on the inside… I haven’t pointed it out because at the moment I guess he is feeling pretty gangster and ready for a rumble).

Eddie has been left with detailed instructions about who we are and where we have gone – in triplicate… he’s not around but a new shed has appeared on the horizon.

So this is it… we go out tomorrow… to find what?


I wouldn’t count on anything so obvious…

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