Premiered on ABC Radio National on 20th January 2010

Flickerman 4 – The Call Out from Cornelius Zane-Grey on Vimeo.


The Flickerman Episode 4 by corneliuszg

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1. Dungeness in the Snow
 Map Location
2. The Tiny Caravan
3. The Tag
4.  Lucinda's Phone Message
5.  Pool
6.  Cooling Tower
7.  Meet Me
 Map Location
8.  Walk Away From Me
9.  Looking Down Looking Up
10.  Acoustic Mirrors
11.  Acoustic Mirrors on Google Maps
12.  Off The Tracks
13.  She's In Twouble
14.  That Guy
15.  Cult?
16.  She Was Fighting In The Dust
17.  GPS and the 19th Parallel
18.  Sleeping Beauty
19.  Old Man By The Sea
20.  Lucinda Lamb - Interview Room Footage
21.  FYI

Please note that many of these links (to the Pool Site) are offline.  ABC National took down the Pool in the Summer of 2013.  I will attempt to reload relevant images when I have the chance, in the meantime you will have to use your imagination I’m afraid!

The Flickerman Episode 4 was a Panicboy Production for ABC Radio National

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