And so the baton passes…

Well it was always going to come back to me wasn’t it?

Four months and I hear nothing from Cornelius, or Travis, or Lucinda, or any of them. They’d entered my life – taken it over for a while there – filled my days and then suddenly nothing. They were gone.

I should have expected it really. Whatever was happening, to Cornelius and the rest of them, it wasn’t going to have a conventional end was it? It wasn’t going to be neatly and conveniently wrapped up. So I moved on and got on with my life, I mean I wrote about it, about what happened to me and to Cornelius – thought a lot about it and was then ready to leave it behind me.

And then of course it had to happen. A parcel arrives in the post, and in the parcel a book…. an old hardback with a picture of a cowboy on it.  A trash novel from the 50s maybe.  Wanderer in the Wasteland.  The author was the giveaway.

Zane Grey.

I read it and it was bad and I got very little out of it – so I started to take it to pieces – literally.  I ripped it open.  Pulled out the pages and took the cover apart and found glued into the spine a slither of paper with a series of what I guess were passwords… to this site… to Cornelius’ email… his Facebook… all his accounts.

He was passing on the baton. To me.  To finish his story I guess.  Well as far as I can.

I’ve uploaded the end of the 5th episode… and Lucinda’s maps… and that’s it… now I’m waiting.

And so are you I’m afraid.

We’ll have to wait together… and presume that there is an end to all this.

There is… isn’t there?

Lance Dann 10.08.10

Episode 5 Part 2

The second part of the fifth episode and the last until further notification is received from Cornelius or Travis.


The boys has gone missing…

… we were playing with fire and got our very badly burnt.  Now I’ve got bearing a bunch of new scars and more to the point the boy Cornelius is no longer with us… I’m taking Council with the big fella at the moment – and I don’t mean him uptop with the beard and the all seeing attitude.  I mean the BIG fella.  After which I’ll decide where to take this blog and where to take this project.

Sorry to leave you like this… news when you get it…

Yours friend,

Wanderer in the Wasteland

Dear Friends,

Cornelius has left us – and for the while I think he’s safe – well given the company he’s in I’m not so sure but do we have any choice?

The night of the Battle at the Mirrors he and I had a stand-up row I admit – I mean a proper falling out where things got a little out of hand – and perhaps I got a little rough… but you know… no one was hurt.

So I took myself home and decided on what it would be best for me to do… and I’ve kind of decided that I need to i) find Barney ii) find out from him what the hell is going on iii) wash and shave

I also found this amongst his meagre possessions – and inside was a scrap of paper with a whole heap of codes and phrases on it… basically giving me access to the boy’s life – well electronic life.

So here I am now  – I’ve taken over his affairs… I can kind of run his accounts and so on in his absence.  Hold the fort as it were.

And I kind of figure I should maintain cordial relations with you – his listeners – so it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

Now… to find out what is happening with us… you can do three things

i)  sign up to the mailing list off to the right.

ii) sign up to the Facebook Connector thing (off to the right and slightly down), the Flickerman Facebook fan group or as my friend (not that I approve of Facebook give me a chance while I get the hang of it… all a bit corporate for my liking)  – you may as well friend up Cornelius as well – I think he is still checking his account…

iii) Join the Flickerman Pool group and keep an eye out for news.

And if you have a clue as to what is happening please let us know – post anything to Pool or send it to us.

Oh and if you see Barney – large, fat, unpleasant, mildly insane – do let me know.

For the while I promise to keep you posted.

All the best,