A novel based on Cornelius’ experiences was written by series producer Lance Dann in 2012.  The book takes Cornelius extends and augments the events portrayed in the existing radio series, carrying the narrative through to its conclusion and revealing the mystery that is at its heart.

Four short extracts from the work may be accessed from the links below (to download them please right click and choose Save Link).

Extract 1


Introduction   Cornelius meets Andy in the novel’s re-worked introduction.

Extract 2


Jim’s Top 100   Travis is introduced and his past history with Cornelius explained.

Extract 3


BathTub   A extended version of the scene in Episode 2 where Cornelius leaves Travis’ Barn at night and rests in a bath.

Extract 4


Bullet Proof Jacket   A new scene where Cornelius pursues Hooklam back to Travis’ barn.

The Flickerman novel is being represented by the Sarah Such Literary Agency and news about this aspect of the project will be featured on this site as and when developments occur.