Cornelius Zane-Grey – Alex Beales

Lucinda Lamb – Laura Martin-Simpson

Barney Tuggle – Alan Gilchrist

Travis DeeToo – Doug Devaney

Josh – Ross Forder

Andy – Russell Shaw

Josephine – Martina Clarke and Lucy Voller

Dudley – Alan Perrin

Hooklam – James Fredrick Harvey

Web-site Design and Support – Philip Bussmann

Cinematography – Kate Aidley

Theme and Music Composition – Rohan Kriwaczek

Other Music Composition – Hywel Payne, Martin Tisdall, Mark Durham, Barbed and James Goddard

Sound Recordist and Radio Production (Episode 2) – James Horn

Radio Production (Episodes 3 and 4) – Simon James

Written, Directed and Produced by Lance Dann